Another One Of My Great Ideas

For a very long time now I have debated on the idea of whether or not to write a book.  Instead I have decided to have “another great idea” and create a blog although I have no idea on what I am doing!

 I have an idea of how I would like my blog to look and what I would like it to be about however I feel this could possibly be a working progress as it has taken me almost half an hour to work out how to complete this section.  So I have made the decision to think “sod it” and just go for it!

I want to share my story, my journey,  partly to help me process some of the difficulties I have experienced but also to reach out to others particularly those who have lived with an addict.

The question I have is “where do you start?”  I hear people say “start at the beginning” but where does it all begin?


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